Matt Radford

Public Projects

Passion projects and experiments (offline) is designed to be an intuitive, web-based RSS feed for Reno events. RSS is incredibly valuable way to track updates, and helps combat bad-faith web tactics. Events are scraped into version control, and each browser tracks which events are starred or ignored.

(Offline until LLMs/AI is integrated to assist with parsing unstructured HTML for event dates.)

reno-social-pic is a website for checking composer-specific semver ranges. It's difficult to memorize semver ranges, which vary slightly depending on your package management system, so this website let's you tinker with finding the best range for your composer.json file.

composer-guru-pic is a project that leverages DNS records to remove the need for dedicated web servers. With, you can use Emmet to create a website from the comfort of your domain registrar's DNS admin page!

  • Create a website directly from a domain registrar's DNS admin page
  • No need to spin up a new server, install/setup/maintain web server software, have a public IP, or even open a terminal
  • Serve infinite websites for free!
Most effective use cases:
  • Quick, static websites
  • Fancy, personalized domain parking, especially for one-off domains you bought but haven't used
  • Easily serving subdomains. For example, (check out the Emmet by running dig TXT +short

You might even say it's more "serverless" than current serverless infrastructure!



Inspired by the original, I made a 3D version to experiment with three.js.

Check out the step by step guide if you're interested in seeing what powers it.


SoundSerum Android App

I found SoundSerum, a cool royalty-free techno music website, and seeing that its Android app was using PhoneGap, took it upon myself to create a native music streaming app for the website.

Get it on Google Play



VHUD (Vehicle Heads Up Display)

My senior project for UNR. Inspired by Jarvis from Iron Man, my team and I created a Heads-Up-Display using Beamsplitter Glass, Android, and the data that an OBDII bluetooth sensor can provide.

See it in action