Software Engineering

Full Stack and Front End Engineer

Professional Experience

Software Engineer at No-IP
April 2014 - Present


  • Regularly release features, fixes, and enhancements to millions of users in production
  • Work in Agile/Scrum environment
  • Participate in code review, by and for peers

  • Migrated legacy code into modern frameworks and architecture
  • Created libraries to translate and internationalize the contents of No-IP's websites
  • Helped establish code requirements, guidelines, and etiquette

Web Developer at QuickQuote
April 2011 - Jan 2013


  • Improved functionality of the company‚Äôs website in a PHP - MVC framework
  • Maintained and automated server functions with Perl scripts
  • Responsible for administering on-site servers and equipment


Trained in software engineering and programming

B.S. Computer Science and Engineering

University of Nevada, 2009 - 2014

Public Projects

Passion projects and experiments


A project designed to help anyone create an online community calendar to increase visibility of local events.

I originally started it because I was finding it difficult to keep track of all the fun events that happen in city. Instead of just creating my own personal calendar, I wanted an application that would let anybody submit and find local events. I was also eager to experiment with Vue to create an ultra-fast, sleek website that is a joy to work on.

Still a work in progress, I am dogfooding the app, but eventually anyone will be able to sign up with their own domain, say or, and create their own curated list of local events!

  • Stack: Ubuntu - Apache - MySQL - PHP 7
  • Frameworks: Laravel (5.5) + Vue (2.3)
  • API: RESTful, JSON

SoundSerum Android App

I found SoundSerum, a cool royalty-free techno music website, and seeing that its Android app was using PhoneGap, took it upon myself to create a native music streaming app for the website.

Get it on Google Play



VHUD (Vehicle Heads Up Display)

My senior project for UNR. Inspired by Jarvis from Iron Man, my team and I created a Heads-Up-Display using Beamsplitter Glass, Android, and the data that an OBDII bluetooth sensor can provide.

See it in action



Started with some simple Python scripts - been hooked ever since.


Proficient In: PHP, SQL, JavaScript (ES6), HTML/CSS/SASS, Java

Dabbled In: C++, C#, Python, Perl

Frameworks and Philosophies

LAMP, Laravel, Vue, MVVM, MVC, Bootstrap, Materialize, SOLID, Test-Driven Development (TDD), PSR Coding Style Standards, Agile, Scrum

Environments and Software

Windows, Linux/Ubuntu, OSX, Git, NPM, Yarn, JIRA, Confluence, Office, Gimp, Vim, Android Studio, Eclipse, DNS/BIND, Docker